You Can’t Make This Stuff Up….

I’ve probably written about this before. If I have…just scroll on by. My life as the spouse of a church planter is never dull. Exciting, stressful, painful but NEVER dull!

Let’s talk about the exciting part first. The realization of seeing God at work is the most thrilling thing I can think of…next to getting married and the birth of a child! Being called by God to a new area…I’m not sure how that happens, but it just does! A church planter and his team plan, prepare and plant the seeds necessary for a new church. Details upon details planned from a human perspective. Community listening, logo design, social media, gathering people and finding a place for the “church” to meet.

AND THEN YOU WAIT for the seeds to take root and grow strong.

Q: Is there a formula for this? A: See Above

Q: Why does it take so long?  A: God’s timing (not ours)

Q: When will God show up? A: He was there from the beginning…the real answer is to step back and watch HIM work!

This brings me to the stressful part. At least for me. The waiting….and the questions…and the doubters…and the second guessers…and the naysayers. These things for me are very stressful and fall under the “human perspective” tab. For now…let me just skip this part.

Now back to exciting…and I will qualify this…IF this church plant is God’s Will…it will take root and grow in spite of everything and everyone involved. Friends, this is what I find so thrilling…to see things happen in such a way that you KNOW it is God. As I have been know to say “You can’t make this stuff up!”

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